Kale: The Answer to Just About . . . Everything?

I just read the FUNNIEST article on which simply must be shared.  But first, here’s a short blog I wrote last year about my addiction.



I have an addiction to kale.

Especially kale lightly sauteed with sliced almonds and organic dried cranberries, with just a drop of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.

I eat it every day.

Sometimes twice a day.

Always with brown rice.

Can one eat too much kale?

Kale has calcium, vitamin D, and lots of other good stuff.  How could anyone eat too much good stuff?

I worry every day that today will be THE day that I grow sick of eating kale.

What would replace it?

It’s irreplaceable.

I guess it’s better to have an addiction to kale than to alot of other things.

Well, you get the picture. I love kale. Now, I even drink it.
Here’s the article that I truly wish I had written first: “The All-Kale Diet and How I Stopped Eating Anything Else.”
I so get it.
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