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Websites I Follow

I covered a lot of ground while doing research for The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More, and these are some of the most useful, user-friendly websites I encountered. There are a lot of other websites listed in the book (including those of my experts), so don’t forget to check there, too. Let me know what you think, and, even better, contact me about other websites and blogs that we should all know about, and use!

No-Nonsense Beauty Blog is a fantastic website that gives women advice for aging well through beauty products, healthy eating, and more! They test drive everything so you don’t have to!

AARP is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the 50+ demographic. I write a weekly column–Best of Everything After 50– on and host a video series–The Best of Everything on the AARP YouTube Channel.

Menopause Makeover helps women going through menopause by using the 8-step program that takes into account health and hormones, fitness, nutrition, beauty, emotions, relationships, spirituality, and happiness!

FabOver40 allows women over 40 to easily find beauty products and also includes helpful articles about reaching this wonderful milestone!

Moving Free with Mirabai is a fitness website for women over 50 that discusses not only exercise routines that every woman should do everyday, but also potential health issues that put women over 50 at risk!

Aging Backwards is a fun website that offers secrets, tips, and shortcuts for staying young looking and gorgeous!

Fabulous After 40 gives readers fashion tips and advice for women over 40 who want to stay looking young and fabulous!

Black Cat Plus is a website for plus-sized women who want to look chic and fabulous!

Prime Beauty is a beauty blog that geared towards stylish women over 40 who are in their prime!

Female Fat Loss Over 40 contains the incredible workout program geared for women over 4o who want to shrink her waist, firm her thighs, and tone their arms!

Glow: Beauty, Health & Wellness Magazine is a celebration of women and a wealth of inspiring information geared to all of us who want to look, feel and be our best, no matter what our age! I’m the new “Positive Living Editor”!

BetterAfter50 is one of the best and brightest websites for women over 50 (really, for ALL women of ALL ages), chock full of articles, news, tips, advice on just about everything. And, the fabulous women behind BA50 produce one of the most effective and FUN conferences around: SheDidIt! I was a keynote speaker at the April 2013 event. Bookmark BA50, asap!

National Osteoporosis Foundation is the leading organization that focuses on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and low bone mass. I’m the first NOF Ambassador for Bone Health! Yay!

Blue Thong Society is a national, social and philanthropic women’s orgnization, with over 300 chapters. The members meet regularly in cities across the country to enjoy time friends, and support local charitable causes. Their moto is “Fun, Fabulous and Philanthropic!!” and they are a wonderful group of women. is one of the largest online sites for women over 50, and has been giving us great tips and information longer than any other. Look for my regular articles on ThirdAge!

Flourish Over is a fabulous site with articles, tips, advice, and a membership program. I was recently invited to be a “Featured Author”!

Midlife at the Oasis is a website with a great motto: “where living an amazing life never gets old.” Yay!

The52Weeks is a blog by two women about their attempt at doing something new or different, facing challenges and moving forward in some way each week for 52 weeks. It’s all about crossing things off their “to-do” lists–both big and small, with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. FUN!

Aging Abundantly is a lovely, sweet and very engaging site dedicated to helping us with our bodies, minds and spirits as we progress through our 50s and beyond.

Fab After 50 is a fantastic site direct from the UK! Love their British perspective on life after 50.

FabOver50— One of the coolest new sites for women over 50, with a voice that is hip, modern and fun.

Feisty Side of Fifty is a kick . . . and so is the woman behind it. Their motto is “no shrinking violets here!!” There’s also a terrific BlogTalkRadio program (which I’ve been on many times!) is a terrific site geared to women over 50. It includes blogs, product reviews, and a whole lot more. I’m part of the “Bloggers Circle”!— A group of very well-established and savvy women started this news/trends/opinions site for women. You’ll find yourself checking it out throughout the day. Keep an eye out for my frequent articles on healthy and beauty.

Huffington Post is the largest internet-based “newspaper,” covering every possible interest, including many the big events of the day. I write the weekly “Life After 50″ column, focusing mostly on women’s issues and life after 50.— Didn’t have a chance to listen to NPR today on the radio? Plug into this site for all the latest events and broadcasts, including books, news, health, and more.

Web MD— If you woke up with a weird rash and don’t want to rush off to the doctor’s office, you can plug into this site, and check it out (but use common sense: don’t let this be a substitute for a doctor visit if it seems serious).— It’s brilliant: an online personal shopper. Going to a business luncheon and need a new outfit? No problem. This site will give you terrific options at different price points, with links to buy everything you need on the spot, including accessories.

Deva Curl— This is the official site of the Devachan Salon, which believes that every woman’s hair should be what it was meant to be. If you can’t make a trip to NYC to visit the salon, this site lists salons that style hair “the Devachan way” across the country. Good hair tips and videos, too.

American Heart Association— It’s critical to keep up with the latest information about heart disease, so why not go straight to the source of some of the best information?

National Stroke Association— The National Stroke Association wants to make sure you know what the signs of a stroke are, and what to do if one is happening.— is the leading authority on everything having to do with breast health, and breast cancer.

There are zillions of websites out there. Check this page regularly to see the best of the best for women over 50