Turning 50

Turning 50 can be a major bump in the road for a lot of people.

Thoughts about turning 50 made me want to put the proverbial blanket over my head and stay there. Forever.

But I didn't.

Instead, I took action and got busy. Very busy.

I figured out what to eat to stay strong and healthy (and help me shed those postmenopausal pounds).

Exercise, which had been put to the bottom of my daily “to do” list, became a “must do” every day.

I scrutinized my hair, makeup, and skin care and made a few simple changes so I could look fresh, modern and pretty, without trying to look twenty again.

In other words, I took control of my life and made it even better. I often say it saved my life.

To me, turning 50 was a gift, a chance to make a stronger, fitter, stylish, and happier version of me. It became the first time in my life that I made “me” the #1 priority. What a concept!

Turning 50 did more than save my life. It put me on the path to a new one.

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