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Read the Report: Women, Health, Aging and Money

It seems we’re living in a country that penalizes women for: Taking time out of their own lives and careers to care for others Getting older Living longer than men . . . Read More

New Book Contest: Name That Subtitle!!!

I’m almost finished with my second book. The title is . . . FIFTY RULES . . . and now I’m looking for the perfect subtitle. For example: FIFTY RULES: . . . Read More

Lose the Clutter, Find Your Life? (Guest Blog on

The wonderful website — –which  is a blog by two women, Pamela Godwin and Karen Amster-Young, and their attempt at doing something new or different, facing challenges and moving forward in . . . Read More

Derailed by the ‘Mommy Track’? Ten Tips to Get Back to Work

It’s been over 20 years since Felice Schwartz published an intriguing and inflammatory article in the Harvard Business Review called “ Management Women and the New Facts of Life ,” which was immediately nicknamed the “Mommy Track.” Ms. Schwartz’s . . . Read More


Recently, I posted an article on The Huffington Post that generated many comments, and lots of shares. “The Seven Biggest Mistakes We Make in Midlife (and How to Avoid Them)” . . . Read More

Do You Feel Pretty?

There have been quite a few articles published recently about how people, especially women, “deal with” getting older. I thought some of the articles, and some comments, were a tad . . . Read More