Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Healthy Eating for Women over 50

What Are We Teaching Our Daughters? A Lesson For All Ages

I am raising my daughters to be proud feminists: people who believe in equality for all regardless of gender, race, religion, politics, nationality or sexual orientation. Therefore, it came as no surprise when my daughter, a college freshman, enrolled in a “Women and Gender Studies” class this spring. This morning, she forwarded a video, explaining that it was required viewing . . . Read More

Confused About the Latest Reports on Vitamin D? You’re Not Alone!

Why does it sometimes seem as though the medical community purposely wants to confuse, confound and worry us with a continuous flow of reports that are often at odds?

Vitamin D: You Know You Want it . . .

Some great news was just released that is sure to make big believers in the power of vitamin D smile, and maybe just a little smug. Not only is this little “vitamin that could” essential for keeping our brain cells healthy and percolating as we age, but taken with calcium, it offers a host of other health benefits, too. I got to . . . Read More