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How to Do the Squat . . . So it Works!

After I turned 50, my body started to change in ways I never thought it would.  In addition, my bone density test showed that, like many women who go through menopause and lose estrogen, my bones were getting thinner, too. I knew I had to take action. So, I embarked on a fitness plan a few years ago which includes . . . Read More

The THIRD PILLAR of Fitness: A Must Do for Every Woman Over 40!

If you’re walking, running, strength-training and eating well . . . GOOD FOR YOU!
But . . . if you’re NOT doing this THIRD PILLAR of fitness . . . better get started today. Here’s why.

It’s ‘National Osteoporosis Day’ and I’m Going to LOVE MY BONES! What’s YOUR ‘Yay of the Day!’?



It’s NATIONAL OSTEOPOROSIS DAY! Celebrate by loving your bones . . . and doing 20 push-ups!

FASHION FLASH! The Best of Everything in Fitness, Style, Beauty and so Much More! FOCUS ON: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month . . . and since the risk of breast cancer increases the older we get, the fab women of FASHION FLASH got together to create a theme around the issue, in honor of all those who are cancer patients, survivors or are working hard to prevent it!  We’ve got articles on the best exercises . . . Read More

FASHION FLASH! The Best of Everything in Beauty, Style, Health, Fitness and More!

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