Barbara Hannah Grufferman

fitness after 50

How to Do the Squat . . . So it Works!

After I turned 50, my body started to change in ways I never thought it would.  In addition, my bone density test showed that, like many women who go through menopause and lose estrogen, my bones were getting thinner, too. I knew I had to take action. So, I embarked on a fitness plan a few years ago which includes . . . Read More

The THIRD PILLAR of Fitness: A Must Do for Every Woman Over 40!

If you’re walking, running, strength-training and eating well . . . GOOD FOR YOU!
But . . . if you’re NOT doing this THIRD PILLAR of fitness . . . better get started today. Here’s why.

It’s ‘National Osteoporosis Day’ and I’m Going to LOVE MY BONES! What’s YOUR ‘Yay of the Day!’?