Barbara Hannah Grufferman

fearless after 50

My Blue Period

I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer and never once have I referred to myself as an early adopter. Trends and . . . well . . . . . . Read More

Fishnets: To Wear or Not to Wear?

An  article in The Daily Mail (usually a blast of a read, with the prerequisite dry British humour–yes I spelled it the way they do–thrown in) stopped me in my tracks. I . . . Read More

Top Ten Things Advertisers Should Never Do (if they want us to love them!)

The television industry — and the advertisers who fuel it — catered to the post 50 market for decades, creating a true symbiotic relationship. But somewhere along the way, we . . . Read More

The #1 Proven Way to Make People Like You . . . No Matter What Your Age

Why Dale Carnegie is the Real Deal A few weeks ago I bought a copy of  How to Win Friends & Influence People  by Dale Carnegie for my 18-year old daughter, a freshman in college. I remember . . . Read More

Finding the Perfect Glasses for Your Perfect Face!

Who said reading glasses had to be frumpy? Since entering my 50′s, I’ve had to keep a 6x magnifying mirror adhered to my bathroom mirror so I don’t end up . . . Read More

“Generations of Strength” Award from the National Osteoporosis Foundation

I am thrilled that the National Osteoporosis Foundation has chosen to recognize me as a leading voice of positive and healthy aging with the “Generations of Strength” Award, which will . . . Read More