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The key to positive living is to feel beautiful inside and out with style.

What to Pack for Business Travel

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Trend to Try: Quick Braid Updo

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3 Crazy Easy Ways to Love Yourself to a Better Body in 2016

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Other than you-know-what, nothing makes a woman’s face glow brighter than something lovely at her neckline. And if you happen to be amply endowed — either at your chest or at your . . . Read More

Positive Posture: Why Sitting Straight Is a Really Good Thing

Note: a version of this article originally appeared on where I write a weekly column. Grandma used to nag at me to straighten up my spine To act respectful and . . . Read More


EVERY WOMAN NEEDS THIS JACKET! Here’s a great way to add zip to add a little zip to your fall. Run don’t walk to a store and buy a moto jacket. . . . Read More