Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Heart Health

Leave the Gym and Never Look Back!

After turning 50 I decided to take control and get back into shape.

One of the first things I did was connect with a few leading fitness experts to find out what works, and what doesn’t.

The Beauty of Positive Aging

Positive living is about taking control of your life and being responsible for your body, mind and spirit.

Writer’s Block? Take a Walk!

A recent report from the American Psychological Association  made me think that Ludwig von Beethoven was a man ahead of his time, in more ways that just musically. According to Beethoven experts, his . . . Read More

Another Reason You Want to Start Running

Running, or even fast walking, offers many health benefits, even after 50: weight maintenance; appetite control; builds lower body muscle mass; helps to relieve stress and anxiety; and strengthens your . . . Read More

Is Olive Oil the Answer to . . . Everything?

The ancient Greeks knew a lot about the power of olive oil for health and beauty, and in recent years I’ve embraced it’s tremendous benefits, too.

Kale: The Superfood for Stronger Bones

Here’s a great recipe that will help you fight osteoporosis AND keep you cool!