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3 Crazy Easy Ways to Love Yourself to a Better Body in 2016

Do you love yourself enough to care for yourself? Prove it.A friend and her husband recently took the scenic route from Colorado back to their home in New York, making . . . Read More

Barbara on the ‘Today Show’: Best Tips to Beat Holiday Loneliness

The holidays can be a time of great joy, but for many, it can cause people to feel lonely, even depressed. Over 50% of people over 50 are single, by . . . Read More


THIS ARTICLE ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON AARP.ORG . PLEASE CLICK ON LINK TO READ ALL MY AARP ARTICLES! Thanksgiving  is all about getting together over food — and I’m fine with that. But . . . Read More

Positive Posture: Why Sitting Straight Is a Really Good Thing

Note: a version of this article originally appeared on where I write a weekly column. Grandma used to nag at me to straighten up my spine To act respectful and . . . Read More

FASHION FLASH–Best Online Mini-Mag for Women 45+

Welcome to FASHION FLASH — the best online mini-mag for women 45+! This week, BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 is the host, and I’ve got a bunch of great blogs . . . Read More

#1 Secret to Surviving the College Tour in Two Words: SPA DAY

My youngest daughter, a senior in high school, decided that it only made sense to visit every college and university to which she will apply this fall. “But, doesn’t it . . . Read More