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Get Out Your Go-Go Boots and Go See the Beatles (sort of!)

Beatle Trivia Question: When and where was the very first Beatles concert? Read this to get the scoop!


It’s that time of year again! If you’re like most people around the world, you’re busy making a lengthy list to make major changes in your life: lose weight, new job, eat better, more sex, and so on.

But, why not do something a little different this year? Try this: throw out your list, sit back, relax, grab a cup of green tea or glass of heart-healthy Pinot Noir, kick off your heels, shoo everyone away, and get into the “Happy New Year!” edition of FASHION FLASH! Yay!

Head-to-Toe Guide For Fighting Dryness After 50

One of the most common and annoying aspects of aging is . . . dryness.

Hair, eyes, skin — and a few other places — might need a bit more attention (and lubrication) than when we were younger.

But, don’t despair! Here’s a quick guide to moisturizing your body — head to toe — with tips and products that get the job done.

Is Olive Oil the Answer to . . . Everything?

The ancient Greeks knew a lot about the power of olive oil for health and beauty, and in recent years I’ve embraced it’s tremendous benefits, too.

FASHION FLASH! The BEST OF EVERYTHING in Beauty, Style, Health, Fitness and More for the Week of 11/18!

Okay . . . it’s that time of the week! FASHION FLASH is ready for YOU! And this week it’s hosted by the fab website FabOverForty! Want the latest info from some of the best experts in the country? And how about some really fun give-aways? Well, enough yakking . . . just relax, kick off your heels, grab that . . . Read More

It’s Not About Sex . . . It’s About Health

Our self-esteem is tightly woven into our sexuality. We live in a youth-obsessed society, and admitting that our vaginas are changing — even to our closest friends — is like wearing a t-shirt that reads: “Ignore me. I’m over the hill.” We rationalize that anyone can have dry eyes or hair, but, many people believe, only women who are getting old have dry . . . Read More