Barbara Hannah Grufferman

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Feeling Glued to the Floor and Can’t Move on? Watch This!

Life after 50 can be full of change, some planned, some not. Whatever it is that’s happening in your life, here are some tips to keep you moving forward!

Skills: Get Them, Keep Them, Use Them . . . No Matter How Old You Are

An article recently ran in the New York Times–“The Internship–Not the Movie” by Thomas L. Friedman. At first glance, this article seemed irrelevant to me or to people in my age group. However, as I delved deeper I changed my mind.

Stand Up and Be Heard!

Can we move our country from the Age of Apathy to the Age of Action?

Derailed by the ‘Mommy Track’? Ten Tips to Get Back to Work

It’s been over 20 years since Felice Schwartz published an intriguing and inflammatory article in the Harvard Business Review called “Management Women and the New Facts of Life,” which was immediately nicknamed the “Mommy Track.” Ms. Schwartz’s premise was simple: professional women are more diverse than we realize, and quite different from men. Some focus on careers, while others choose to . . . Read More


Our generation has always been known as adventurous and ready for whatever’s next.  So, it is only natural that at this point in our lives, we find ourselves reflecting on what we’ve done . . . and what we might want to do. We’ve spent decades accumulating skills, experiences, knowledge, contacts and wisdom.  What do  you want to do with . . . Read More