To Salt or Not to Salt

Hi Everyone, Is salt a demon? I think not.  Salt improves the flavor of food, and if the intake of salt is reduced too much, there can be unintended and . . . Read More

Who’s Your Style Muse?

  Hi Everyone, All the tweets, news reports and talk about Fashion Week here in New York City got me thinking about style, and who has really made an impact . . . Read More

Show This To Every Man You Love

Hi Everyone, Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and after some great organic dark chocolate, one of the best gifts you can give the most important man (or men) in your life . . . Read More

Have a Heart!

Hi Everyone. It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  You might be thinking about love or sex or which restaurant to go to on the 14th.  Oh, I’ll get there, too, but, today, I’m  thinking . . . Read More

Welcome to my first blog!

Hello everyone, I thought it would be great to have you meet the fabulous family who patiently waited for the book to be finished! More soon . . .