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One of the newest members of FASHION FLASH–the best online mini-mag for women 40+–is hosting FF this week: Chic At Any Age.

Work Out For Life

As a woman over 50, I’m always on the lookout for stories about how fitness and exercise can change people’s lives, and recently came across a fascinating article in the . . . Read More

Do You Know How Much You’ll Need for Health Care Costs?

While I’m a big believer in “living in the now” . . . I also know that as a woman over 50 I need to stay focused on my future, . . . Read More

Leave the Gym and Never Look Back!

After turning 50 I decided to take control and get back into shape.

One of the first things I did was connect with a few leading fitness experts to find out what works, and what doesn’t.

Fashion Flash! Everything You Need to Know for the Week of June 9th!

FASHION FLASH–the best online mini-mag for women in midlife–is the best way to start your week! This week, FASHION FLASH is hosted by the ever-fabulous FAB OVER FORTY ! But enough yakking . . . . Read More

FASHION FLASH MONDAY! (For the Week of June 2nd!)

A terrific new addition to our FASHION FLASH group of fabulous bloggers is hosting FASHION FLASH this week: SOCIETY WELLNESS! Check out all the great tips including how to wear cobalt blue, . . . Read More