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This week FASHION FLASH is hosted by Prime Beauty Blog! Check everything you need to know from some of the best beauty bloggers in the business . . . right  here!

Spring is FINALLY Here!

This is was what I saw while running in Central Park this morning! What was YOUR ‘Yay of the Day’?

Going to Coney Island! YAY!

What better way to spend a Spring day in NYC than a trip to Coney Island? What’s your ‘Yay of the Day’?

Another Reason You Want to Start Running

Running, or even fast walking, offers many health benefits, even after 50: weight maintenance; appetite control; builds lower body muscle mass; helps to relieve stress and anxiety; and strengthens your . . . Read More

Barbara on the TODAY SHOW 4/21/14

Just in case you missed the segment you can watch it right here!   Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy

Spring is finally in the air! YAY!