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How Necessity Became the Mother of Creativity

I know I should make up a much more interesting story. But, the truth is this: after a five mile run last week in Central Park with Gunther the Wonder . . . Read More

What Does Growing Bolder Mean to You?

I was a repeat guest on the GROWING BOLDER RADIO SHOW recently, with hosts Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer. In case you missed it . . . just click on . . . Read More

Will the Authentic Paula Deen Please Stand Up?

To be authentic, according to most authorities on authenticity, is to be true to one’s own self, to one’s own nature. I suppose Paula Deen, while instructing viewers to add . . . Read More

Top 3 Beauty “Must Haves” From 2011 . . . for 2012

There are a few things I discovered in 2011 that have become my “can’t live without and would bring on a desert island” staples. The list is short — primarily . . . Read More