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Say Less . . . Mean More: The Power of One Small Word

No matter how tough life gets . . . there’s always something to YAY! about.

Would You Use Crisco On Your Face??

Your kitchen is a veritable treasure trove of health and beauty staples. Have some plain yogurt with a “sell date” that was two weeks ago? Don’t throw it out! It’s . . . Read More

President Obama Hits 50!

A local newspaper with a national online presence and reputation — AM-NY — did a story about boomers, turning 50, and President Obama . . . and they asked for . . . Read More

Would You Wear a Bikini After 50? After 60?

My Cousin Barbara from Germany has worn a bikini all her life and doesn’t see why she has to stop now that she’s 62. Me? I’m sticking with my tankini. What about you?