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Move Your Body!!!

Washington Post writer Esther Cepeda interviewed me last week for this article about women and fitness.  The real question she had was this: Why are Americans so out-of-shape?

Aging With Health, Beauty and Peace of Mind

It’s human nature to always be ready to jump on the next “new thing” . . . whether it’s a diet that everyone is raving about, an exercise program that . . . Read More

Latest News About “The Best of Everything After 50″

What a great honor: The Best of Everything After 50 has been chosen to be a recommended book by Elect Women Magazine! The people behind this prestigious operation are those . . . Read More

Who’s Your Style Muse?

Since I have no zero innate style . . . it’s a good thing I have my Cousin B, my style muse.

Stand Up and Be Heard!

Can we move our country from the Age of Apathy to the Age of Action?

A New Kind of Swimsuit

280,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. There are currently millions of breast cancer survivors alive in the United States alone.