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The Only Three Must-Haves for Perfect Summer Legs

Having legs that are summer-ready are a lot easier than you think.  All you need are these three things: Sugar: Exfoliate your legs by putting a little bit of plain white sugar in a washcloth and gently scrub.  This will remove the dead skin cells and get your legs ready for the next step.

Simple Summer Skin Care That Really Works

I started paying attention to my skin when I hit 50.  Before that I would slap on whatever was around, used sunscreen only when I was at the beach, and figured  “Oh well . . . I’ve already damaged it by spending countless hours in the sun, slathered with baby oil mixed with iodine, speeding up the damage by using . . . Read More

Let’s Make Up

I would sit on the bathroom floor, watching my mother put on her Max Factor foundation, CoverGirl eyebrow pencil, and Maybelline mascara. She would polish it all off with a sweep of Revlon lipstick. Perfect, but a little too much of everything for me. Now that it’s summer, the last thing we want to do is . . . over-do. . . . Read More