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From: Daily Mail Online

> Hitting 50 Changed My Life


This is an article that ran in the Daily Mail — one of the UK’s largest circulation newspapers.  Enjoy!   Hitting 50 changed my life Why this writer is happier, healthier, fitter and more confident than ever By Barbara Hannah Grufferman Last updated at 4:00 PM on 29th November 2010 Comments (19) Add to My Stories Four years ago, I . . . Read More

10 Things for Which I am Thankful (although there are so many more)

Happy Thanksgiving 2010! Since I’m having 16 people for a very elaborate Thanksgiving dinner today . . . I’ll have to get right to the point:  I am very, very grateful for alot of things.  But, here is my “extreme short list:”  I am thankful: that I am over 50 and going strong for my two beautiful daughters that Howard and . . . Read More


Thanksgiving is next week, and like most of us, I’ve been counting my many blessings.  My list begins and ends with my family–my husband and children–and I’m grateful that I am healthy.  Of course, it goes without saying that we are blessed to have found and rescued Gunther the Wonder Dog last year.  This will be his second Thanksgiving with . . . Read More


> 10 Things We’re Thankful For: #3 Women Who Empower Us

What’s the Deal With Twitter Anyway?

I started doing Twitter about the same time I started doing Facebook.  I get Facebook. I get how we all connect and update and friend and de-friend.  I get it. But Twitter is a completely different story.  Twitter is a stream of consciousness.  Or a way of elbowing your way into an ongoing conversation.  I am by nature, and by . . . Read More