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The Power of Asking For Help

Dear Everyone, When I decided to write this book, I had a very specific idea in my head: to seek out the best information from some of the best experts.  So I started my list.  Not having direct and immediate access to luminaries such as Diane von Furstenberg, or to some of the most trusted and experienced doctors, I reached . . . Read More

To Salt or Not to Salt

Hi Everyone, Is salt a demon? I think not.  Salt improves the flavor of food, and if the intake of salt is reduced too much, there can be unintended and possibly adverse consequences. But, too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure, which can, in turn, wreak all kinds of havoc in the body. Not good. So, what’s the . . . Read More

Who’s Your Style Muse?

  Hi Everyone, All the tweets, news reports and talk about Fashion Week here in New York City got me thinking about style, and who has really made an impact on my own personal style (if you can call it that!). You know, someone who is always pulled together, who just knows how to add the right scarf to make an . . . Read More

Show This To Every Man You Love

Hi Everyone, Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and after some great organic dark chocolate, one of the best gifts you can give the most important man (or men) in your life is the link I’ve attached here.  It’s an interview on Good Morning America’s NOW program with Dr. James Underberg who specializes in lipids, cholesterol and hypertension, (and is one of . . . Read More

Have a Heart!

Hi Everyone. It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  You might be thinking about love or sex or which restaurant to go to on the 14th.  Oh, I’ll get there, too, but, today, I’m  thinking about my heart.  I’m a woman over 50, as many of you are, and I have to ask: are we really doing everything we can to take care of our . . . Read More

Welcome to my first blog!

Hello everyone, I thought it would be great to have you meet the fabulous family who patiently waited for the book to be finished! More soon . . .